Reyes and you may Luisa Fortuna – two lover revolutionaries attempting to overthrow Allende in addition to their president, Standard Sanchez, with multiple innovative episodes

Reyes and you may Luisa Fortuna – two lover revolutionaries attempting to overthrow Allende in addition to their president, Standard Sanchez, with multiple innovative episodes

Several years later for the 1911, the old Western West is passing away. Encroaching technical improves such as for example railroads, telegram workplaces, and you will more powerful the police beginning to feature on their own to your west community. The us government wishes the newest Bureau of Investigation to assist in the process of civilizing south west of the ridding the spot from all of the savage gangs running insane and unchallenged, especially that of Bill Williamson and you may Dutch van der Linde. Declining to make martyrs regarding her or him, Ross son’s that Bureau got watching so you can see your down: former outlaw John Marston. Of the kidnapping John’s partner and you will man, Ross pushes your so you’re able to follow. Ergo, John try forced to roam the new frontier again to protect his household members.

The new Austin

John comes in the Blackwater into ferry Morningstar and that is escorted because of the Edgar Ross and you will Archer Fordham using urban area to be sent regarding because of the teach in order to Armadillo. Immediately after indeed there, John finds Lansing MI escort girls helpful information called Jake hired of the regional marshal regarding the saloon. This new chatty book concerns Marston regarding the their purposes however, will get no solutions in exchange. He leads John into the walls out-of Fort Mercer, area of the hide out of Williamson group. Within the confronting their old pal, guy into the letting go of peacefully, however, Williamson taunts John to have their words, proudly saying that he is now responsible for their own gang. John is located at having their revolver however, gets decide to try in his down correct upper body because of the certainly Expenses Williamson’s boys.

Just after battling with the night and in the end fainting toward side of the road, Bonnie MacFarlane and her ranch hands Amos get a hold of John and take him so you can Nathaniel Johnston’s doctor work environment inside the Armadillo. Shortly after managing their wounds, Bonnie brings John with hotels, dining, and you may take in, into condition the guy assists the woman around the farm.

John performs out-of their loans of $fifteen along with his lifestyle to help you Bonnie along with her dad Received MacFarlane by doing individuals ranch services eg night patrol, cattle-herding, and you will horse-taming. But not, Williamson learns one John has actually lasted and that is coming to the fresh new MacFarlane Farm, and you may sales his gang to create the fresh new barn unstoppable. John rescues the newest swept up horses and Bonnie promises to promote your specific cows when he settles towards their ranch once more.

Shortly after helping U.S. Marshal Leigh Johnson with assorted perform near Armadillo, John as well as the Marshal begin to package an assault towards fort. To gather a great posse and the necessary info in order to carry out the latest assault, John works together with snake oils salesperson Nigel West Dickens and you may, due to him, Irish and Seth Briars. Although not, the preparations is briefly postponed when Bonnie MacFarlane is kidnapped, that John volunteers to help Marshal Johnson cut the woman regarding getting hanged. Immediately following preserving Bonnie, John and his awesome allies would an attack towards the Fort Mercer, having fun with a beneficial “Trojan horse” means because of the coming John and you will a Gatling Gun from inside the fort during the Dickens’ wagon. Western Dickens provides them with a lecture about what is actually to the his “miracle” truck, prior to rapping greatly quietly of your own truck in order to rule John, who suggests themselves and you can kills all the outlaws whenever you are assaulting brand new fort. Yet not, following the competition, the newest staff find Williamson got fled the prior early morning and went to your exile regarding Mexican province of Moderno Paraiso having Javier Escuella.

Reciente Paraiso

Irish escorts John south of one’s edging toward North american country province, Nuevo Paraiso, where the guy match the new region’s provisional governor, Colonel Allende, along with his using proper-hand man, Chief de- Santa. He or she is forced to benefit them to gain details about Williamson and you may Escuella. At the same time, John experience the maturing well known gunslinger Landon Ricketts who instructs your the firearm fighting experience and commits raids into Mexican Armed forces. The guy attempts to pull one suggestions possible out-of one another Allende and you will Reyes concerning your whereabouts from Williamson and you will Escuella.

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